Sunday Challenge

The Annandale Warbirds are proud to host a series of events at our home field this summer.  We have been listening to players and teams for the past few seasons now, and are proud to offer the Sunday Challenge.  On select Sunday's we are offering an atmosphere for tournament players and players looking to play in a more structured format; against more skilled players then open play offers at times.  Individuals and teams are encouraged to join.



April 28th
June 9th
July 21st
September 8th
October 27th

The field opens at 8:00am
Games start at 9a.m.


We have been listening to other players and teams for the past few seasons now.  We decided that we should build a day for tournament players and players looking to play in a more structured format, against more skilled players, then open play offers at times.  Whether you are an individual player or a team,  and are looking to become better at paintball, we want you to join us.  Those in attendance are encouraged to give constructive criticism so we can all improve and become great players.  

Games will be played in Race to 2 format, and individual players will be assigned to unstructured teams as close as their ranking associates with.  

In addition those who have GoPro's, drones and other camera devices are encouraged to use them, and take advantage of mounting them in various locations other fields do not allow!

How Much ? 

  • Entry/Air - $14.99 +tax

    • Pay for all five admissions in advance for only $39.99 (SAVE $35!)

  • 500 rounds - $14.99 +tax

  • 2,000 rounds - $49.99+tax

Teams (group of 5 or more) that come will receive a 10% discount on paintballs

We also have a proshop on site for any of your last minute needs.  

What does Annandale Paintball offer

Annandale Paintball takes the national paintball experience and brings it home to our local players.   

  • Official 2019 NXL layouts

  • NXL buzzer System

  • 10.5 ramping

  • Referees

  • Roofed pits

  • 4500 psi fills in each pit

We also will maintain a warm and welcoming atmosphere to all players and teams.   Those not following these  rules will be asked to leave.  


Rewards !

Thats right, we are going to reward you for playing!   For every 10 new players over the season we will add $500 of prizes to the pot.  The prize package starts off with $500 in it, and grows bigger based on series attendance.  Prizes are awarded to individuals not teams.   Prizes will be awarded at the completion of the final event.  Currently the prizes are :

  • Virtue Spire 3

  • Ninja SL Tank

  • Annandale Paintball Season Pass

Individuals are awarded a raffle ticket in the following ways. 

  • Each attendance

  • Each case of paint purchased