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Battle of the Beef #1

June 28th is our first of two Battle of the Beefs this year!!! 

Players need to be checked in by 11:45 and teams will be drawn at Noon. The cost is $59.99, and that gets you a case of paint, entry, air and food. 

Battle of the Beef is a fun open play day where players are randomly assigned to different teams by pulling names out of a hat. Once teams are formed teams will play each other in a bracket style match similar to NCAA events. This is a great event for players of all skill level as Annandale Paintball reserves the right to modify teams to make them as fair and even across the field as possible. This is also a great open play event, come with your friends or by yourself, we will have a team for you! 

Annandale Paintball has been offering this great day of play once a year for the past 11 years. This years first Battle of the Beef is on June 28th (Sunday) MN's Original Battle of the Beef 

Winners of the day will receive,

1st place - Steak dinner for each player 
2nd place - Pork Chop Dinner for each player 
3rd place- Chicken Dinner for each player

Everyone else- Everyone else will receive a hot dog meal 
All meals are cooked at Annandale Paintball at the end of the day.