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Zombie Paintball Shoot

  • Molitors Haunted Acres 425 35th St NE Sauk Rapids, MN, 56379 United States (map)

Ready to step up and do your part to stop the Zombies from taking over?  Join Annandale Paintball at Molitor's Haunted Acres this Halloween season and step up to one of our mounted turrets and shoot ZOMBIES with glow in the dark paintball's. Make sure to stop them before they take you and the rest of us out! 

After traveling through the Haunted Woods by tractor trailer, you will be dropped off in the middle of the woods at the "Rest Stop" where you can take a moment to compose yourself, enjoy a bon fire or stop the Zombies from taking over the rest stop!   

Those wanting to do their part, to make sure the Zombies do not take over, will be sold* GLOW IN THE DARK paintballs to shoot at the Zombies.  While the Zombies have rose again, they have not found a way to return fire yet.  That means YOU and YOUR FRIENDS can shoot the zombies without being shot back at!  Once those brave enough to attempt to stop the Zombies step up to their gun they will notice an eerie scene in front of them, with Zombies moving about out.  With each shot a person takes, paintballs glow through the air the second they leave the barrel.  Almost like lasers through the dark night each paintball will fly through the air leaving a glowing mark on each target.  Will you be able to stop the Zombies?!   

The Zombie attack happens on October, 3,4,10,11,15,16,17,18,23,24,25,26,30 and 31st at Molitors Haunted Acres in Sauk Rapids.  For more information on Molitors Haunted Acres visit their website at 

Below are a couple of the FAQ on this special event. 


  • Where is this located ? 
    • At Molitors Haunted Acres in Sauk Rapids, just minutes away from St.Cloud, MN.  
  • Can I do just the Zombie Shoot ?
    • As we are located in the middle of the Haunted Hay Ride / Haunted Trails you can not just do the Zombie Shoot and you will need to purchase your tickets for the trails to reach us.  It is well worth the money to enjoy the Haunted Trails and Hay Ride to reach us, and this is from our personal experience in past years. 
  • How old do I need to be?
    • There is no age limit for those willing to stop the Zombies from taking over!
  • Can the Zombies shoot back at me? 
    • The Zombies have not found the technology or the materials to shoot back and are provided with NO paintball markers.  
  • Are the Zombies real people or just some lame props? 
    • The Zombies are real actors, and will be moving about.   They will be doing everything they can to reach you and your paintball marker.  Make sure to stop them!
  • Do the paintballs really glow in the dark? 
    • YES!  They really look like lasers flying through the night til they hit a target, where they leave a glowing mark.  The paintballs are filled with a UV  material making them more sensitive to speciality lights.  Then throughout the area we have SEVERAL UV lights to make sure that the paintballs glow from the second they leave the barrel throughout the flight of the ball, to reaching the designated shot area.  
  • How much does it cost? 
    • Participants can choose to purchase 50 rounds for $7 (Including tax) or 100 rounds for $10 (Including tax)
  • How many times can I do this? 
    • You will have to reenter the Zombie Shoot Line, but we do not have a restriction to how many times a person can do their part to stop the Zombies
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