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Single Game

3 Game Bundle

Party Package

10 games for 10 people. 
Additional players are $29.99

At Annandale Paintball, our packages are built to provide you a full experience and not just a taste like other fields across Minnesota.  With no time limits groups can play at their pace, and never feel rushed or stuck within a time limit.  We want you to enjoy every minute playing laser tag while you make memories.   

  • Private Field Play: Choose which field you want to play each game. 
  • No time limits: Play one field, or play them all!  Play at the pace you and your group prefer, never feel rushed!

  • Safe Staging area: Picnic tables in our staging area for your group to relax and store gear between games.
  • Dedicated Referee: Our referees will make sure your group is prepared for each game, all your equipment is functioning properly, and that everyone is following the rules.  
  • Laser Tag and Headset: State of the art Laser Tag Guns and Headset that allow for game play upwards of 300' 
  • Complimentary Group Photo
  • Multiple Game formats: Games such as, Capture the flag, domination, bomb defusal, capture the nuke code and many more
  • Concessions available on site.

Laser Tag is a great activity for any occasion.  We have over a decade of experience in running; 

  • Birthday parties
  • Bachelor parties
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Cooperate outings
  • Leadership sessions
  • Church outings
  • Team building exercise
  • Law enforcement training



Smoke Grenades      Standard Smoke Grenade  $9.99  XL Smoke Grenade    $14.99  

Smoke Grenades

Standard Smoke Grenade $9.99
XL Smoke Grenade   $14.99