Family Friendly Paintball Rates

Family Friendly Paintball is a style of paintball that utilize the "JT Splatmaster" or "Gotcha Paintball" product lines that are designed for younger players.  This is the style of paintball we also use at our mobile arena at local and county fairs across Minnesota. The paintballs are smaller, lighter, and more fragile, making the entire experience for younger players more fun. 

This is great for birthday parties with kids 8 - 14 years of age! 

This is a group photo at the conclusion of the day.  The markers are empty/have no paint in them and the safetys are on 


Our rates include everything needed to play per person.  With no time limits groups can play at their pace, and never feel rushed.  We want you to spend the day with us, and enjoy every minute playing paintball.    

We suggest playing Family Friendly Paintball if:

  • Those in the group do NOT have their own paintball equipment
  • Members of the group are all 8 - 14 years of age.  
    (Family members are allowed to play with children)  
  • Are looking for a fun / safe thrilled day !