Zombie Haunt

You will be equipped with the latest Zombie Killing guns made by the Government.  As you travel on foot through the a town left in shambles from November 2016, YOU are the last hope we have.  Help save humanity, and prevent the Zombie infection from spreading beyond the Molitor's Haunted Acres woods in Sauk Rapids.  


Do you have what it takes?! 

Can you and your friends make it through the City and overcome the zombies running the town?  Human life is not seen in this area after dark, and the fear is without taking the zombies out, the air quaility will be reduced and human life will not be statinable any longer.   

Can you shoot the zombies before they infect you?  

These are not your everyday zombies!  These zombies have evolved, from some being hungry, anarchists and others with a high intelligence, do not let.  You must shoot the zombies in the head to avoid them infecting you.  If you do not react fast enough, they will inflict damage onto you, do not let them KILL YOU!



Always watch behind you! 

Zombies are only down for so long, and if you're do not move fast enough, they will find your scent and track you down.  Just because you are moving forward, DO NOT forget to look around!  

Our live action zombie hunt is located at Molitors Haunted Acres, in Sauk Rapids MN.  We are located after the hayride portion of their haunt.  You must be a customer of Molitors Haunted Acres to reach us at the "Rest Stop" The Zombie Hunt is an addition charge from Molitors Haunted acres.  Tickets for the zombie hunt can be purchased online ahead of time, or at the our booth inside the rest stop.  To purchase tickets for the zombie hunt, click this button.  Ticket sales end each event night at 4pm central time.  Tickets are non-refundable.  

Dates for 2017


Friday October 6
Saturday October 7

Friday October 13
Saturday October 14

Wednesday October 18 (MEA)
Thursday October 19 (MEA)
Friday October 20 (MEA)
Saturday October 21 (MEA)

Thursday October 26
Friday October 27
Saturday October 28
Sunday October 29