Annandale Paintball  
Paintball - Airsoft - Lasertag

At Annandale Paintball we are thrilled to offer an adrenaline filled experience for any occasion.   


With three different versions of paintball we are able to provide an experience that best fits you and your group.  

Family Fun Paintball

Allows children 8+ and families to experience paintball without welts, heavy equipment and has a price tag great for Birthday Parties.  

 Low Impact Paintball

Allows individuals 10 years & older to experience the game of paintball by using a smaller paintball, lower velocity markers and a fragile ball that breaks easily on opponents.  This is great for first time players or those concerned about pain from paintball.    

Traditional Paintball

Is the version of paintball most the public has known for the past 30 years.  With extremely high grade paintballs that are fresh and fragile, they break on your opponent.  This is great for players that have played before, bachelor parties, and those who own their own equipment.  


On select days we offer Airsoft games at Annandale Paintball.  Airsoft is a military simulation sport where players participate in a mock combat with authentic military-style weapons and tactics.  Please check for our Airsoft days or make a reservation for your group.  We do have several Airsoft items and equipment in stock and for sale.  

Laser Tag

When you think of laser tag, what is the first thing that pops into your head? Space age phazers and black lights? The chaos of running around with no direction trying to shoot anything that moves? Now take those thoughts and toss them out. We have created an experience that allows players to play outside under the sun, in our City themed field.  With Green dot sights on the Laser Tag guns, the ability to shoot from 5 feet to 400 feet and a wide range of themed games, you will be glad you came to Annandale Paintball and experienced the 21st century of Laser Tag.