What is Open Play ? 

Open Play is designed for those players who just show up and are ready to play.  Typically your weekend warrior, or the player looking to play paintball and meet some new friends.  Players are mixed and matched throughout the day while maintaining a fair and balanced team.  

When is Open Play ? 

Open play is every Saturday and Sunday from 11 am - 6 pm!

How does it work?  

Open play is where players play against each other when they do not have reservations.  We divide players into two equal teams based on skill level.  Throughout the day players will play each of our fields.  

Are there time limits or other restrictions ? 

Annandale Paintball does not have time restrictions or other fine print with our programs.  You get what you pay for, plain and simple.  Rather than worrying about the clock, or rushing to play, we want you to stay and spend as much time with us as you desire.  It is important to us that you enjoy your day with us.