Age of Players:

10 - 13, parent or Guardian must be with

14 - 17, Parental consent is required

Waiver must be completed by ALL Participants 

General Safety

  • Do not point an airsoft gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot.

  • Do no discharge an Airsoft Gun in any location other than designated shooting areas (ie: On the Field, Chrono Station, Shooting Range)

  • Keep your finger OFF the trigger & trigger guard until you are On the Field, ready to shoot.

  • Keep the magazine out of your Airsoft Gun until you are On the Field, ready to shoot.

On the Field

  • On the Field locations are defined as areas that are considered in-play.

  • Forbidden: Blind Fire – Shooting without the ability to see what you are shooting at. The most common form is this is sticking your gun over or around cover and firing without looking at where you are shooting.

  • Forbidden: Hosing – Unnecessarily long sustained bursts of more than 15-20 rounds at a time. Even for support weapons this is not allowed. Short controlled bursts should be used to allow opponents to call themselves out.

  • Magazines must be removed, weapons cleared and then placed on “safe” and Barrel Blocking Device added before entering a Safe Zone




 Please observe the follow rules of conduct for hits:

  •  Hits are defined as any BB strike on your person or gear.
  •  Friendly Fire counts! Check your targets!
  •  If two players fire simultaneously and both are hit, BOTH players are out, not the player who says “hit” first.
  •  Gun hits do COUNT
  •  Rubber Knife kills are NOT allowed.
  •  When hit, immediately cry out ‘Hit!’ as loud as you can and place your hands up.   This will prevent you from being lit up a second time.
  •  DO NOT call players out on the opposite team
  •  If you see a player get hit on your team, but he doesn’t feel it, let him know.
  •  Dead men do not talk, give away positions or do anything other than lie dead or walk back to respond.

Minimum Engagement Distance

  • Pistols, Shotguns & AEG – 20 feet

  • Sniper – 200 feet 


 •  No lasers are allowed.

Rockets, Mines & Grenades

Rockets and Mines are not allowed at this time. 

Hand Grenades
 •  Defined as: Commercially produced Rubber, foam or gas grenades designed for field use.
 •  NO: BB Carriers, pinecones, rocks, de-milled grenades.
 •  10′ kill radius from where the grenade comes to rest.
 •  A grenade impact in a room of a house kills everyone in the room.
 •  Grenades are a 1-time-use weapon per mission set and are considered ‘Spent’ once they have been used.
 •  If you find a grenade in the field, pick it up and return it to the  staff.

Safe Zone

  • Safe Zone locations are defined as areas that are NOT in-play (ie: Picnic Tables area, etc.)

  • No magazines in pistols, AEGs or Rifles.

  • Weapon safety on ALL pistols, AEGs and Rifles are ON.

  • Barrel Blocking Device must be used at all times while in the Safe Zone.

  • Pistols must be holstered.

  • AEG & Rifles being carried must be pointed at the ground at all times.

  • Shooting inside a Safe Zone is strictly forbidden.

Eye Protection

Should your goggles not meet the below standards, you will not be able to use them in-game:

Adults (18 and over): Full-face protection is recommended.
  •   Minors (17 and under): Full-face protection is required.
  •  “Full Face Protection” is defined as a rigid metal or plastic mask which covers cheeks, chin, nose and mouth.
  •   Full-Seal goggles ONLY.  No shooting glasses, shop glasses, wire mesh glasses, etc.  A “Full Seal” consists of a rubber or foam seal that conforms to the features of the player’s face.
  •   ANSI Z87.1 (or higher) Rated lenses.

"Blind Man" should be called to halt game play when:
 •  A player loses his/her eye protection.
 •  Anyone (player or non-players) is seen on the field without eye protection.
 •  In the event of a serious injury or other medical emergency.

FPS Limits

  • Pistols, Shotguns & AEGs: 350fps w/0.20g.

  • HPA guns 350 fps w/.20g bb

  • Sniper Bolt Action Rifles: 400fps w/0.20g, 

Rate of fire

 •  All guns , AEG or HPA  limited to 25  per sec or lower.

Bang-Bang / Safety Kill

If you manage to sneak up on a player or a group of players, have a clear shot and are at a distance of 20 feet or less, point your weapon at the opposing player and yell out “BANG-BANG” for EACH player you are attempting to kill (this prevents 1 player from taking out an entire squad by just yelling “bang-bang” once). When you call “bang-bang”, follow up with a short description of the player they are calling out in order to avoid confusion. Again, this is a safety measure and not to be used as a defensive or offensive tactic.

*This list of rules may be amended and added to at any point by Crossfire